Q: What do you serve at Wimbledon? A: Ace snacks, that’s what

Image: 12 champion snacks to attack in a Wimbledon rally

You’ll need loads of tasty treats to sustain you through those tension-packed rallies. The highs, the lows. The laughter, the tears… the rain. So be prepared with these deliciously summery sweet and savoury treats – perfect for when you reach break point.

1. Tiebreaker trifle

Wimbledon without strawberries? Unthinkable. Get into the official spirit with this Pitchers summer trifle, perfect for relieving all that tiebreaker tension.


2. Twice-in-a-row traybake

Cheering is one way to show your support for Murray. Baking is another. Keep everyone’s spirits up during the match with this cheeky but tasty celebration flag traybake.


3. Deuce fruit bars

Need an energy boost while you watch an epic tennis rally? Don’t miss a shot with these scrumptious fruity nut bars, full of jumbo oats, pecan nuts and Medjool dates.


4. Set point summer jellies

Watching a super-tense game and need a sweet fix to keep your focus? These delicious summer berry and white chocolate jelly pots will do the trick.


5. Winning volley veggie pizza

Practise your serving technique with this tempting veggie picnic pizza. Packed with veggies and protein you’ll be on your game right up to match point.


6. Love match loaf

When you’re watching a marathon game, you really need a sandwich that can stay the pace. This picnic loaf made with an entire white bloomer will definitely score points.


7. Top seed sausage rolls

Ahhh the sausage roll, the champion of snack foods. Use shop-bought pastry to rustle up these mini ones, which are topped with sesame and poppy seeds.


8. Game, set and match muffins

Two sets in and you need a bit of a boost? These mini banana chocolate muffins will keep you on track.


9. Overhead smash salmon and dill tart

You need something special to eat when your favourite player is on court. Serve a winner with this smoked salmon and dill tart .


10. Jammy shot jam tarts

A jammy shot can change the course of a game, and these jam tarts can change the course of your game-watching – taking you from hungry to happy. Result.


11. Championship scotch eggs

Well, most of us want a Scot to lift the trophy don’t we? Get back on the ball with a delicious scotch egg.


12. Cross court cream cake

Yet another cross court shot and it’s match point for the tenth time in 20 minutes. You think you need a little lie down, but you don’t – you need cake. Strawberry and cream sandwich loaf to be precise.