When demands for pizza, burger and fish fingers abound, mum’s natural response is to reach for the fridge or freezer. How about having a go at your own homemade versions instead?

Image: 13 homemade versions of the kids’ favourite dishes


1. Fun pitta pizza

Pitta instead of dough shortens up the cooking time so you can spend that extra time doing more important things outside the kitchen. See recipe for Fun pitta pizza.


2. Crunchy fish fingers

A quick and easy recipe, your kids will enjoy dipping these crunchy fish fingers into their favourite sauces all through supper. See recipe for Crunchy fish fingers.


3. Chicken nuggets with dip & an avocado salad

A classic quick-cook favourite, your children are certain to love our crunchy chicken nuggets with dip & an avocado salad.


4. Burgers with veggie chips

Kids love their burgers and this dish is a surefire way to get them to eat their veggies too. See recipe for Burgers with veggie chips.


5. Scotch eggs

This recipe for scotch eggs is quick and easy to make. Pack for your next family picnic and serve with sides of cheese, onions and mustard.


6. Little spinach and egg calzones

It’s the kind of thing we occasionally treat ourselves to in an Italian restaurant but would never consider making at home. Actually, they’re super simple to prepare and the little ones will love getting involved. See recipe for Little spinach and egg calzones.


7. Pork & apple sausage rolls

The addition of apples complements the pork wonderfully and is a modern update on the traditional variety. See recipe for Pork & apple sausage rolls.


8. Chicken goujons

Easy-to-make and great for dipping into sauces, these goujons will become an instant favourite with your kids. See recipe for Chicken goujons.


9. Veggie burgers

Instead of a patty, try making a burger with a stack of assorted grilled veggies. This recipe is one meat-lovers will enjoy too. See recipe for Veggie burgers.


10. Cheat’s sausage rolls

You won’t miss shop-bought sausage rolls after trying this quick and easy recipe to make them yourself at home. See recipe for Cheat’s sausage rolls.


11. Boston baked beans with sausages

Everyone will enjoy this hearty, comforting dish perfectly served on a cold evening. See recipe for Boston baked beans with sausages.


12. Giant Yorkshire pudding

Take your next Sunday roast to the next level and serve it in a show-stopping, large Yorkshire pudding. See recipe for Giant Yorkshire pudding.


13. Prawn and egg fried rice

A tasty staple on takeaway menus up and down the country and for good reason! Have a go at making your own prawn and egg fried rice with our easy recipe.