Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for growing children who need plenty of energy to see them through the school day. These nutritious brekkie foods should do the trick…

Image: 14 breakfasts to fuel growing brains and bodies

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1. Fruity granola yogurt pots

Protein-rich organic natural yogurt is sweetened with fruit compote and nutty granola, delivering a healthy dose of goodness. Make the compote in advance and this attractive breakfast can be thrown together in seconds.

Fruity granola yogurt pots

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2. Sweetcorn and courgette pancakes

What better way to sneak veg into their breakfast? Serve with the tasty Greek yoghurt dip and you'll be forever in their good books.

Sweetcorn and courgette pancakes

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3. Baked spinach eggs

Kick-start their day with a serving of nutritious green veg and baked eggs on wholemeal bread. Bung this in the oven for 20 minutes while you get them ready for school.

Baked spinach eggs

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4. Boiled eggs and soldiers

The combination of starchy wholemeal toast and protein-rich eggs will keep them going until lunchtime.

Boiled eggs and soldiers

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5. Muesli and banana

Bananas are great for slow-release energy – just what they need for the busy day ahead. Serve sliced over a bowl of muesli and cold milk for a perfectly balanced breakfast.

Muesli and banana

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6. English breakfast frittata

A tempting twist on the traditional full English. One wedge of this fancy frittata chock full of veg and they’re all set for the day.

English breakfast frittata

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7. Bircher muesli

Bursting with goodness, oats are a great healthier breakfast option, especially when paired with fruit.

Bircher muesli

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8. Poached egg muffins with grilled tomatoes

Get tomatoey goodness in their bellies first thing. Serve with scrummy poached eggs on toasted muffins and this healthier breakfast will tick all the right boxes.


9. Fresh fruit salad

Bursting with goodness, this simple fruit salad is best prepared in advance and refrigerated ready for the morning rush.

Fresh fruit salad

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10. Microwaved scrambled eggs

Want to send them to school on a quick yet filling meal? Microwaved scrambled eggs are the answer. Serve on toasted ciabatta with mushrooms.

Mircowaved scramble eggs

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11. Very berry breakfast smoothie

If your child refuses to eat breakfast, don’t despair. Offer this nutritious ‘drink’ filled with oats, yogurt and berries.

Very berry breakfast smoothie

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12. Fruity French toast

Kids love eggy bread, so they’re bound to lap up this sweetened version topped with fresh fruit and a dollop of crème fraîche.

Fruity French toast

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13. Cheesy chive eggy toast

Another delicious spin on an old favourite, this time made savoury with a generous helping of cheese and chopped chives for added flavour.

Cheesy chive eggy toast

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14. Freeze-ahead pancakes

Yes, that’s pancakes for breakfast on a weekday. These can be defrosted in the microwave and are ready to serve in minutes. Top with chopped fruit, nuts and natural yogurt for a delicious and nutritious start to their day.

Basic pancakes

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