The Mexican wave is sweeping the country. Time to get involved

This year has started with a four-letter foodie bang – the taco. With a crisped-up tortilla, smokey refried beans, a slick of creamy guac and spiced pulled meat, this Mexican treat is hitting the top of our nosh list. 


Don't believe us? Street food truck par excellence Breddos Tacos have opened a bricks and mortar taqueria in London's Clerkenwell, while El Pastór, from the Hart brothers, who run the Michelin-starred Barrafina tapas restaurants, will specialise in the folded-up treats. The north of England is getting involved, too. Head away from Leeds town centre and discover Pinche Pinche in Chapel Allerton, or venture to El Capo in Manchester's Northern Quarter for a Mezcal selection to partner like a dream with your taco-y feast. 


But you don't have to go out for a taco party.  Here are some DIY fiery, flavour-bomb recipes. Because a taco and tequila party is the best kind of party, right?


Sweet potato and cauliflower nachos with chargrilled corn salsa

Because parties need a little something something to get guests warmed up. Get them ready for the Mexican onslaught with these jazzy nachos, topped with a sweet/sharp veg/bean blend. Sure to get them excited. 


Fish tacos

We're talking oodles of citrusy coriander, a fresh kick from pomegranate seeds and melting chunks of salmon. You just can't argue with that magic.  


Chicken burrito bowl

Oh, you maverick you, with your (deliciously) inauthentic take on the street food staple. The only constant is change, people. 


Crispy tuna tacos with mango salsa

These are clearly a good idea. Fruity mango, toasted sesame – beachside vibes in the dead of winter. 


Slow-cooked pulled pork tacos

If pulled pork isn't the food of the gods, we don't want to know what is. Factor in a squeeze of citrus, cubes of avocado and a zingy spice blend, and you're on to a winner. 


Cauliflower tortillas with black bean salsa

This one's made with ingredient du jour, cauliflower, so it's a good 'un for all the wheat intolerant people out there. In fact, we reckon it would be totally acceptable to dish this one out for breakfast. Joyous.