Get the kids excited about lunchtime again!

Image: Honey Lemon Couscous salad

Whether you're looking to refresh the menu for school days, or you're looking for new ideas for family days out - here are some tasty ways to revamp lunchtime.


1. Goat’s cheese and tomato frittata

Children can be fusspots when it comes to cheese that’s not cheddar. Get them to give goat’s cheese a go by smuggling it into this delicious goat’s cheese and tomato frittata. Packed with flavoursome cherry tomatoes, chunky potato and nutritious egg, this is a lunchbox feast that ticks all the right boxes. 


2. Tuna & pea pasta

Most kids love pasta, so adding it to their lunchbox will be an instant hit and a welcome change from the monotony of sandwiches. This scrumptious tuna & pea pasta salad (which can be made with sweetcorn too) is purse-friendly and super-quick to make, as well as a clever way of sneaking in one of their five-a-day. 


3. Egg and watercress roll

Mmmm…creamy eggs mashed with mayonnaise in a soft bread roll with green and crispy watercress. This is a classic combo kids will love and another failsafe way to get them to eat their greens without a struggle.


4. Honey & lemon chicken couscous salad

Liven up leftover roast chicken by throwing together a sweet and zesty honey & lemon chicken couscous salad with pine nuts, cucumber and tomato. Chopping the cucumber and tomatoes into smallish chunks and mixing with dense grains like couscous is a cunning way to dupe them into eating salad too. 


5. Beetroot & sultana muffins

These sweet baked muffins are so tasty, they’ll have no idea they’re scoffing on ingredients as healthy and nutritious as carrot and beetroot! And better still, each beetroot & sultana mini-muffin counts as one of their five-a-day.