Pass on the shop bought stuff and get into throwing together your own dips. Surely that's why the tortilla chip was invented?


1. Garlic and chive dip

Chives, garlic, lemon and crème fraîche combine in this flavour power-house that makes the perfect dip for a salty tortilla chip. See recipe for Garlic and chive dip.

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2. Roasted garlic hummous

Here’s a clever twist on the traditional Middle Eastern dip. Roasting the garlic before blending gives it a deliciously sweet and mellow flavour. See recipe for Roasted garlic hummous.

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3. Chunky guacamole

Nothing quite beats homemade guacamole made with ripe creamy avocados and fresh lime juice. Add chilli to taste and make tastebuds sing! See recipe for Chunky guacamole.

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4. Mint and cucumber dip

For a cool and creamy accompaniment to your tortilla chip, look no further than this delicious dip that is simplicity itself. See recipe for Mint and cucumber dip

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5. Spicy salsa dip

Salsa – everyone’s favourite Mexican treat, and this recipe packs in the flavours with Pomodorini tomatoes, green and red chillies and fresh coriander. Time to crack open the chips. See recipe for Spicy salsa dip

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BBQ time

With the snacks sorted and the sun coming out, it’s time to up your BBQ game with our Brazilian recipes.