Cool down with these refreshing summery drinks

Image: 6 of the best cooling summer drinks

Milk is a bit Marmite for many, but if your brood loves the white stuff, they'll love these.


1. Raspberry ripple milkshake

On a hot day, this raspberry ripple milkshake is a real treat. Layer blended ice cream and filtered milk with a tangy fruit coulis, then let the kids swirl them together with a straw to create a helter-skelter ripple. Yum!


2. Tropical fruit smoothie

Frozen mango, fresh papaya and filtered milk blend together in this cooling tropical fruit smoothie recipe. Kick back in a deckchair, close your eyes and imagine you’re on a Caribbean island.


3. Very berry breakfast smoothie

Porridge just doesn’t cut it in the summer. Brighten up your breakfast with this revitalising red berry smoothie instead. Jumbo oats, Greek yogurt, filtered milk and frozen red berries make an irresistible combination, sweetened with a trickle of runny honey.


4. Super green smoothie

Salads are the main way to eat your greens in the summer, but what about drinking them instead? Whiz up this refreshing super green smoothie made from spinach, frozen banana and ice-cold filtered milk and you’ll be fit for anything.


5. Mocha frappé

When it’s scorching outside an iced coffee fix is just what you need. This one uses only four ingredients (coffee, cocoa, filtered milk and chocolate sauce) to transport you to frappé heaven.


6. Quick banana milkshake

Go bananas over this scrumptious banana milkshake! Cold, creamy and super-simple to make, it’s just the thing to sip in the sun. Think ahead and pop your glasses in the freezer for a couple of hours before you use them to keep your milkshake cooler for longer.