Everyone knows that a cheese toastie is the food equivalent of a great big hug. Here’s some flavour additions to make you feel even more warm and cosy

Why stick with just melted cheese, glorious as that is on its own? Try some of these delicious twists and make sure to keep a selection of condiments to hand too, so you can customise your sandwich to suit your mood. Chilli ketchup, mild mustard, red-pepper mayo or caramelised onion mayo can all transform your lunch into a gourmet experience!


1. Toasted cheese sandwich with gherkins

If you like a cheeseburger with pickles, then you’ll love melted cheese with thinly sliced gherkin inside a toasted sarnie. Slice the gherkins (or use a jar of pre-sliced, available in-store) and pat them dry with kitchen towel, then layer over your grated cheese before topping with bread and toasting. Add a dash of ketchup if you like, too. Irresistible!

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Cheese on toast with gherkins

Via: The Integer Club / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: integer_club​


2. Goats' cheese toastie with pastrami

The classic French croque monsieur is made with cheese and ham, but try this Americanised version using peppered slices of pastrami for a salty, meaty alternative. The meat is brined, herbed and smoked for a very distinctive flavour that is the perfect accompaniment for creamy, mild goats' cheese.

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Goat's cheese

Via: Rebecca Siegel / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: grongar​


3. Toasted cheese sandwich with cranberry sauce

Spread cranberry sauce over one slice of bread before toasting. A liberal grinding of black pepper will counteract some of the sweetness by adding a hot kick. Do wait a minute or two before eating this one, though, as the cranberry sauce will be really hot. Savour the minutes of anticipation before you savour the sandwich itself! 

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4. Toasted cheese sandwich with roasted aubergines

Aubergines are a much under-used and underrated vegetable in the UK, yet you can buy them pre-roasted in a jar in-store – which saves a lot of time and trouble. Add some slices to your cheese sarnie before toasting, along with perhaps a few drops of Tabasco or a good grinding of black pepper. Pure heaven!

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5. Toasted cheese sandwich with passata

Passata comes in several varieties – with onion & garlic, basil or just plain – that you can change up your toastie by trying different flavours each time. Just spread a good layer of passata onto one of your pieces of bread before toasting for a lovely, bruschetta-type snack. You could use panini or ciabatta bread for a more authentic taste of Italy. 

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6. Toasted cheese sandwich with tuna mayo

This is a classic offered in Italian-style cafés, and it’s a winner with a lovely strong Cheddar. You can buy tuna mixes from the in-store chiller and they come with sweetcorn or crunchy peppers. Otherwise, make your own with a tin of drained tuna, a grinding of black pepper and a tablespoon of mayo. If you’ve never tried this combo before, give it a go. We bet the kids will love it, too.

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