Dough balls? Pop corn? Here's how to up your camping game

Image: campfire recipes

Ah, the simple pleasures of camping in the great outdoors; great fun for all the family but if we’re honest, we sometimes miss the convenience of our own kitchen and appliances when it comes to mealtimes. Take your next outdoor adventure up a culinary notch with these delicious campfire treats that can be whipped up with a just a few pans, skewers and hot coals.

1. S’mores campfire cookies

S’mores are the classic campfire treat that we’ll be happy to adopt from America. Make them by roasting a couple of large marshmallows on a wooden stick and charring over the flame. When they just start to bubble, cool for a few minutes and then pull off the stick and sandwich between two chocolate biscuits. You’ll definitely want some more of these s’mores.


2. Seriously crispy bacopots

Try this savoury treat as an afternoon or late night snack. Wrap whole boiled baby potatoes in streaky bacon and push onto skewers. Cook over coals and serve with tomato ketchup for dipping. Once they take one bite, the kids will be requesting these for the entire camping trip.


3. Fire cooked garlic dough balls

Yes, it is possible to bake pizza balls when you’re camping. Here’s how. Mix up a packet of crusty bread mix, roll into balls and leave to rise.  Transfer the balls to a baking tin, cover with double foil and leave to bake on the coals for thirty minutes. Once ready, serve with a side of garlic butter. Simple and delicious, these firedough balls will soon become a fast campfire favourite.


4. Crispy campfire chicken with tomato sauce

You won’t miss pub food with these sizzling chicken wings that are super easy to make. Place chicken wings onto skewers and cook over the coals until ready. Serve hot and with a side of tangy tomato salsa for dipping. Enjoy eating these while you play board games with the family on the picnic table.


5. Campfire baked banoffees

You don’t need to forgo a delicious pudding when you’re camping and these toffee bananas do desserts justice. Slit a banana open and slice it down the length of the fruit. Add bite-sized pieces of toffee, cover the bananas with foil and cook on the coals for a few minutes. Let them cool a little and then scoop out the toffee bananas with your fingers, but be sure to have extra napkins on hand as it will get messy.


6. Fire up popcorn

The ultimate sweet snack, fire popcorn is a treat the whole family will enjoy. Place a saucepan on the coals with a little oil and add the popping corn. Be sure to remember to keep the lid on and wait for the popping to start. Once cooked, drizzle chocolate syrup over. Instead of watching a flick, tell campfire stories while this popcorn is devoured.