Try our novel ways to cook with sliced bread to ensure you’ll never look at it the same way again.

Sandwich, toast, sandwich, toast, repeat. Bread may be a kitchen staple but you probably feel you’ve reached a stalemate (sorry) on how to cook with it. 


1. Treacle tart

Use up day-old white bread to make this classic English dessert. See recipe for Treacle tart.

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2. Fruity French toast

This fruity version of French toast served with honey and crème fraîche will become a fast favourite with your kids over the summer hols. See recipe for Fruity French toast.

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3. Cheese and ham bread pudding.

Instead of a ham and cheese sandwich, whip up this savoury bread pudding to serve the kids at lunchtime. See recipe for Cheese and ham bread pudding.

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4. Baked spinach eggs

Use wholemeal bread as cups to bake these yummy baked eggs for the next family breakfast. See recipe for Baked spinach eggs.

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5. Cheesy chive and eggy toasts.

This delicious savoury dish will brighten up any rainy weekend morning. See recipe for Cheesy chive and eggy toasts.

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6. Starry pizza bites.

The kids will devour this star-shaped pizza bread as quickly as you make it. See recipe for Starry pizza bites.

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Stuck in a rut?

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