From 'tennis ball' macarons to 'racing flag' cookies, celebrate Dad with a homemade sports-inspired treat that he'll love

It'll be 'game, set, match' if you make Dad these tennis ball macarons

Father’s Day isn’t the only thing happening in June: from Wimbledon to the US Golf Open, it also happens to be a bumper season of sport. Celebrate by making Dad a super-cool sporty snack, then pat yourself on the back for being so on the ball.



1. 'Sticky wicket' coffee rubbed ribs

Does Dad love cricket? Bowl him over with these tasty ribs rubbed with ground coffee, brown sugar and cocoa powder. They'll go down great while you're watching the International Series together (we're going head-to-head with New Zealand and Australia in late June).


2. 'On the green' golfer's guacamole

Tee up for the US Golf Open (15-21 June) with this daddy of all dips. Simply mash ripe avocado then mix with onion, fresh coriander, tomato, and jalapeño peppers for a delicious 'eat-whole-in-one-mouthful'.


3. 'Ready to rev' racing car roll​

Have a giggle with Dad and make him this quirky sarnie-on-wheels. It's the perfect pit-stop snack for watching the 2015 Red Bull Austrian Grand Prix (21 June) and with those flashy carrot bumpers and cheesy flag, it might just put those super cars to shame.


4. 'Back of the net' garlic and brie bread

Grab a boule of white bread before you watch the footie with Dad, and cut a criss-cross pattern into it. Then simply smother with garlic butter, press chunks of brie into the gaps and bake until it's melted and brown. Perfect for nibbling on while watching the Copa Coca-Cola international youth football tournament. Gooaaal.


5. 'Scrumptious' whoopie pies

The Rugby World Cup might not be until September (sigh) but these American football treats, which double up brilliantly as rugby balls, are sure to keep you and Dad busy. 'Stitched' icing and a yummy cream cheese centre make for champion results. Football-shaped bites of cake sound perfect to this blogger, and they sound perfect to us, too.


6. 'Ready, steady' checkerboard cookies

Fly the racing flag for Dad this Father's Day with these funky biscuits. It's easier than you think to get the two-tone effect with strips of vanilla and chocolate dough, and Dad might just ask you to make them again for the Silverstone Grand Prix in July.


7. 'Match point' macarons

Guaranteed to be a smash hit with Dad, these tennis ball macarons will disappear faster than Federer's serve. And they're sandwiched together with a strawberry buttercream filling ... you cannot be serious.

What are you going to bake for Dad this Father's Day? Share your thoughts in the comments box below or tweet us @Homemade ...