Change the fate of soggy strawbs

Image: Dehydrating strawberries - worth the effort?


Strawberry pasta sauce: things will never be the same again

Look at that sad little punnet in your fridge, with strawberries just slightly on the wrong side of old. They’ve taken a trip past Peak Ripesville and headed for Mush Central. But they’re not bin-bound just yet – oh no.


You have the power to change the fate of these soggy strawbs. And as we near the end of the strawberry season, here are seven recipes to save red berries from a sticky end and make something much more Instagram-friendly instead.


Frozen strawberries

Look, if you need us to tell you how to freeze strawberries, you’ll be asking us for a reminder about how to use a spoon correctly next. Stick them in the freezer for up to six months and use them for smoothies, instant vegan ice cream or even snazzy drink garnishes.


Strawberry butter

Strawberries? And butter? Does that even work? Surprisingly, yes, when you’ve added a little bit of icing sugar. Think of it as like a fruity cream cheese spread, but only a little (OK, a lot) fattier. Just try to stop eating it once you've put it on pancakes.



Roasted strawberries

We love roasted fruit. They release the sweetest of nectars when cooked in a hot oven for just 10-15 minutes – but good luck waiting for them to cool before eating. 


Dehydrated strawberries

Or, go even further than roasting and dehydrate them. Slice thinly, sprinkle on some salt and put them in the oven at a super-low heat, then go and watch some paint dry or some other task that’ll take a few hours. Keep in an airtight container and BAM! Strawberry nirvana, whenever you need it.


Strawberry pasta sauce

… Come back! We’re not off our rockers – as these little beauts cook down to an almost Marinara-type sauce that’s pretty good for topping tagliatelli. And apparently a Parmesan garnish is even better, though we’re reserving judgement on that.


Strawberry soup

Remember when you were little and you’d let your ice cream melt and pretend it was soup? Well, that's basically what this is. Except we’re pretty sure there was no glug of wine in ours as kids. Wait … was there, mum?


Fruit leather

Looks like wallpaper, tastes like an English garden. There are just three ingredients needed to make these kid-friendly sweets to chew on.