Mouthwatering and made in minutes, it's time to fire up the barbecue

Image: 11 classic barbecue recipes



1. Watermelon crush

Add a bit of carnival-style fun to a barbecue or garden party with this refreshing drink served in a watermelon. This recipe is for a mocktail, but it's easily adapted to make something a bit more punchy!

Watermelon crush

Photograph: Seven


2. Chilli-lime barbecued sweetcorn

Barbecued corn on the cob is great on its own, but even better with chilli butter melted over and a squeeze of lime.

Chilli-lime barbecued sweetcorn

Photograph: Seven


3. Passion fruit mousse

This is known in Brazil as mousse de maracujá. The condensed milk and cream make it very sweet, with the passion fruit giving it a pleasing tang.

Passion fruit mousse

Photograph: Seven


4. Coconut and black pepper prawns with mango salsa

These barbecued prawns with coconut and black pepper taste fantastic, especially with a mango, chilli and mint salsa.

Coconut and black pepper prawns with mango salsa

Photograph: Seven


5. Barbecued bacon and rosemary popcorn

How's this for starters - barbecued popcorn! And why not? This is a brilliant way to make sure your guests have something to nibble on while you cook the main course.

Barbecued bacon and rosemary popcorn

Photograph: Seven


6. Ultimate barbecued steak sarnie

Served on ciabatta with a zingy salsa, this steak sandwich with is bursting with fresh, tangy flavours.

Ultimate barbecued steak sarnie

Photograph: Seven


7. Barbecued lamb kebabs

Cook these minty lamb kebabs on the barbecue or under the grill and serve in warm pitta pockets.

Barbecued lamb kebabs

Photograph: Seven


8. Thai chicken drumsticks

Rachel Allen's tender Thai-inspired chicken drumsticks makes a great dish to cook for a weekend barbecue. Marinate the meat overnight for the best results.

Thai chicken drumsticks

Photograph: Seven