Fancy dinner the whole family will love? Check out these mouthwatering haddock recipes

It may not be as popular as juicy prawns or Britain’s old faithful fried cod, but haddock is your new fishy best friend. Why? It’s meaty, it’s incredibly easy to cook and it’s versatile – yep, it's true. Trust us, when it comes to midweek meals even the kids will be happy with, it's up there with omelettes and beans on toast. 


Plus, did you know that Sainsbury’s smoked haddock gets its flavour from being smoked in beech wood chippings, which gives it a richer, less bitter flavour than traditional oak? Very tasty.


These haddock recipes are so quick and tasty we're sure even the pickiest eater will be tempted...


1. Pie

Pie! This creamy recipe has loads of peas that the kids will love – get them involved by teaching them how to run a fork across the mash topping to make it extra crispy. Those 'When’s dinner ready?' questions will be getting thrown about in no time.


2. Fishcakes

Fishcakes. Easy, simple, great for the family and fun to make with the kids, too. Plus they look a bit like burgers. That helps. Serve with a nice dollop of ketchup.


3. Crispy Chinese wrapped fish

The kids will love helping you wrap these, which could either be a blessing or a recipe for a very messy kitchen. Sorry about that. This recipe has just five ingredients: fish, five spice, coriander, rice paper and seasoning – easy to make even on a rushed midweek.


4. Sliders

Swap cod for gorgeous smoked haddock in this recipe and you’ll have something really special for the kids’ tea. Sliders – American-style mini burgers – will make their day. 


5. Haddock goujons

Just like chicken dippers, but made with 100 per cent haddock. Lose the garlic if the kids aren’t into it, and serve with some great homemade mushy peas or a big pile of golden sweetcorn.


6. Enchilada cups

These enchilada cups are almost too fun to eat. Once they’ve cooled, the kids can get stuck in and munch with their hands. Swap the chicken for some flaked smoked fish, as the recipe suggests, for a seriously special dinner.


7. Parmesan crumbed fish

Just like chicken kiev, except this dish only takes 10 minutes and is packed with nutritious haddock. Parmesan and fish – what a cracking combo.  


8. Smoked haddock and spinach risotto with peas

This is baked, so you don’t have to hover over the stove stirring it for 20 minutes. Perfect!