Uh-oh. Cooking on Valentine's Day for a gluten-free loved one? Don't panic, we've got all the right ideas

Truffles with chocolate AND wine? Yes please.

Make-your-own pop tarts

You know it's love when someone makes you homemade pop tarts in a heart-shape! Made with gluten-free banana-flavoured pastry and a cheeky strawberry filling. Mmmmmm.


Flippin' tasty pancakes

There's something irresistible about a stack of pancakes: especially when it only takes 2 ingredients to make them! Here's your recipe, then just add whichever tasty dry ingredients you fancy. Did someone say chocolate chips?


Spud love

If it's possible for a side dish to woo someone, this is it. Super cute rosemary potato hearts are a winner for any day of the week really. 

Show-stopper steak

This isn't just any steak. This is an uber-steak. Here's the recipe complete with impressive French butter. Meltingly good.


Chocolate fudge sauce

Why fudge sauce? Because it makes almost anything taste awesome. Master this recipe and pour over gluten-free pancakes, ice cream or spoon straight into your mouth. We won't judge.


Fancy macaroons

Your loved one will swoon at your baking skills with these gluten-free macaroons. Cooking like a French patisserie chef? Yep, you've nailed it.


Really creamy panacotta

Lay on the Italian charm with these fruity little panacottas. Topped with raspberries and dusted with icing sugar, they'd easily pass for a restaurant-level dessert. Gluten-free of course.


Red wine truffles

Shop-bought truffles can often contain gluten, so these homemade red wine chocs are a brilliant alternative. They'll probably leave a trail of hundreds and thousands all over the kitchen, but it'll be so worth it.


Loved-up cocktails

This pale pink cocktail takes inspiration from the pisco sour. Finished off with a heart-shaped dusting of cinnamon, it's perfect for raising a romantic toast.