Keep the kids entertained and well fed with this selection of fun and easy to make selection of savoury bites that the whole family can get involved with


1. Fun​ pitta pizzas

Mamma mia! As fun and yummy as they sound, why not have a competition to see who can come up with the best topping combination? See recipe for Fun pitta pizzas.

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Fun pita pizzas

Via:  Sainsbury's


2. Animal bread rolls

Kids and those young at heart will love moulding bunnies, chicks, lambs and whatever else they like. The only limit of these fun and yummy treats is your imagination. See recipe for Animal bread rolls.

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3. Chicken burgers

Not just boring old chicken, roll your sleeves up, get stuck in and create something unique with this homespun recipe. See recipe for Chicken burgers.

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4. Chicken fajitas

Introduce some Mexican spice to the table and as a bonus, this dish means less washing up as you can eat them with your hands! See recipe for Chicken fajitas.

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5. Cheese star biscuits

Who says that you can only see stars at night? How many you see will depend on how many you make! Add some Sainsbury’s chutney and a side of grapes for a delicious snack. See recipe for Cheese star biscuits.

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6. Cheese, ham and asparagus bakes

Mmm mature Cheddar mixed with succulent Wiltshire ham: a batch of these mouthwatering savoury bakes is sure to go down a treat with everyone. See recipe for Cheese, ham and asparagus bakes.

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7. Little spinach and egg calzones

As therapeutic as they are scrumptious, roll and knead the dough then get cracking on making the fillings for these more-ish pizza pies. See recipe for Little spinach and egg calzones.

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8. Pork & apple sausage rolls

Anything but ordinary, this is a fun, fruity and tasty take on the norm. Perfect for impromptu picnics in the garden or living room. See recipe for Pork & apple sausage rolls.

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9. Soda bread

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread and this easy to follow recipe is ideal for when you’re short on time or cooking with little ones as it contains no yeast and needs no proving. The only question is, one slice or two? See recipe for Soda bread.

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