It's time to go nuts and think outside the jar

Slather it on toast, go all-American with a peanut butter and ‘jelly’ (jam, to you and me) sandwich or spoon it straight from the jar and into your mouth. They're all perfectly acceptable ways of expressing your admiration of the golden gloriousness that is peanut butter.


But they aren’t the only ways to show how much you care. Oh no. This buttery beauty works in a cluster of sweet and savoury dishes. Whether you’re crunch connoisseur or a smooth operator, there are many, many ways to spread the love...


1. Peanut butter balls

These bite-size snacks rounds are packed with peanut butter and dried fruit.


2. Sticky peanut butter chicken

Those crafty little nuts show off their savoury side, elevating this simple supper to something rather special.


3. Satay vegetable noodles with grilled aubergine

It isn’t just chicken that loves a little peanut butter. Grilled veggies come to life in this satay sauce.


4. Peanut butter, oat and choc chip cookies

One bite of these nutty cookies will transport you back to after-school snack time. Glass of milk with that?


5. Peanut butter and blueberry snack squares

These moreish snacks are so easy to make with the kids – just make sure they don’t gobble the lot before you get a look in.


6. Celery dippers

Everything feels healthier when you throw celery into the mix, and peanut butter slathered on those green sticks is a snacking winner.


7. Peanut butter parfait with chocolate butterscotch

Peanut butter parfait with chocolate butterscotch

Via: Sainsbury’s Magazine/Photo: Brett Stevens

You really want a banana split but, you know, you’re a grown-up. Make this super-sophisticated dinner party worthy version instead.


8. Speedy peanut chicken with boodles

A few spoonfuls of the nutty buttery stuff adds another flavour dimension to this bright and beautiful dish.


9. Ghanaian-style burger

Ghanaian style burger

Via:  Sainsbury's

Peanut butter as a condiment? Once you’ve tried spreading a layer in this sweet ’n’ spicy burger, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.