Think you know cauliflower rice? Think again, veg fans

Image: 9 ways to make your favourite rice dishes from cauliflower


You may have spent last year steaming the little white trees in the microwave, but as far as exploring the potential of cauliflower rice goes, the trend has barely scratched the surface.


It isn’t just a lighter substitute for its carb equivalent – here’s how to turn cauliflower rice into all your favourite rice dishes. We’re talking couscous, paella, risotto and even an indulgent bowl of gorgeous, spiced rice pudding.


Time to dust off the food processor again.  


1. Paella

A totally vegetarian version of your favourite Spanish dish. Make a big batch and invite everyone over for a long lunch – it’s ready in a speedy 30 minutes.


2. Risotto

Don’t panic – this recipe may be a lighter option to your traditional risotto, but it still calls for white wine and plenty of parmesan (who’s going to stop you adding a little extra on top too? Not us).


3. Sushi

Fancy some homemade sushi rolls? We salute you – that rolling technique isn’t a culinary walk in the park. Once you’ve nailed the basics, go ahead and add any extra fillings you fancy.

cauliflower rice sushi



4. Smoky garlic rice

A simple but seriously tasty way to bulk up your main meals. Eat cold as a barbecue salad or hot with fajita chicken and grilled peppers.


5. Couscous

Lovely couscous lunch leaving you with a carby afternoon slump? Try this spiced Moroccan cauliflower equivalent instead. This recipe even calls for halloumi – winner winner, couscous dinner.


6. Rice pudding

Yes, as in the sweet dessert of your childhood. The trick here is to ensure you’ve squeezed all the moisture out of your cauliflower (you can use a muslin cloth to do this if you want, or just get stuck in with clean hands). The result is a gorgeous, grown-up pud laced with cinnamon and coconut. Pretty dreamy.


7. Tabbouleh

Nothing makes a summer garden party like a big bowl of gorgeous, multi-coloured tabbouleh. This one's got loads of cucumber, red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes – serve with whatever sharing salad dishes you're in the mood for, and just make sure the wine's on ice. 


8. Coconut cauliflower rice

Love peshwari rice? Then this is the gluten-free dish for you. Eat with any curry you like – that sweet coconut will cut through the heavy spices and not leave you feeling too full to reach the remote.


9. Fried rice

Far less stodgy than the traditional equivalent. Serve on its own (there’s plenty of flavour in that bowl) or add grilled tofu or sweet and sticky chicken. Your lunchbox will love you for it.