You'll have Valentine's Day covered with these irresistible recipes and gift-wrap tips

Image: Homemade cherry pie

Sweets for your sweet: cherry pie with pastry hearts

With rose petal dark chocolate, a homemade cherry pie or even a strawberry bouquet, there's no way you'll be stuck for a gift idea this Valentine Day. 


Rose petal dark chocolate bars

It just wouldn't be Valentine's Day without a bar of chocolate, so take things to the next level and make your own! Cut hearts into baking paper and use to wrap up your chocolate bars before scattering with rose buds. How romantic?

Rose petal dark chocolate bar



Cupid's love potion 

Made with frozen raspberries, caster sugar and a touch or red wine vinegar, this tangy cordial looks divine poured into a tall glass bottle (available from Sainsbury's). Top with lemonade and a scoop of vanilla ice cream and treat your Valentine to a retro raspberry float.


Poached bottled pears

Fill jam jars with delicately spiced pears, seal, then cover the lids with heart-printed fabric. Secure with an elastic band and finish with red ribbon. Job done. 


Edible matches

If you've found your perfect "match" (ahem), pop chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks into a matchbox and give to the one who lights your fire ...


Layered sherbet with pink candy lollipops 

With this easy recipe, making your own sherbet couldn't be simpler. Layer the different colours in a clip-top jar and get dipping with these lush homemade lollipops.


Miniature chocolate truffles

Everything's cute when it's mini, so make your Valentine some diddy truffles and package in an earring box. As you're making them yourself, you can use any flavours you fancy: almond extract and amaretti cookies, or bourbon and toasted pecan are particularly good.

DIY: Miniature Chocolate Truffles



Swedish ginger cookies

Flavoured with cloves, cinnamon and ground ginger, these unusual cookies are sure to spice things up! Present them in a baking tin lined with newspaper if you're worried about looking like a try-hard.

Swedish ginger cookies



Moroccan-style spices

If your Valentine is into their cooking, why not use these recipes and make them their very own spice mix? Pop into "secret message" tubes (available in selected Sainsbury's stores) and wrap in tissue paper for a unique and useful gift.


A very special cupcake

Bake a batch of red velvet cupcakes, pick the best one and package up for your Valentine in an empty glass jar. Whoever thought of doing this is very clever indeed ... 




Valentine’s fortune cookies

This recipe even comes with cute little labels to cut out and hide inside. Lay on tissue paper and seal in a box.

Valentine’s Fortune Cookies



Vegan chocolate-dipped strawberries

Wrapped in brown paper and secured with string, this is no ordinary bouquet!

Vegan Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Bouquet



Layered-heart cherry pie

Now who could resist this scrummy cherry pie? Not us! Wrap in a heart-printed tea towel and let them keep the pie dish as an extra pressie.