Redefine your baking with light-as-air and super-fluffy cloud cakes

Cake: it's eggs, flour, sugar and butter right? Well, not any more.


Because floating down from some heavenly cake Eden are these wondrous butter-less and margarine-less sponges. Go on, pass us a fork...


Angel food cake

A very light, pale sponge cake made with flour, egg whites and no butter or oil whatsoever (though it is drizzled with chocolate).

Angel food cake

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Tara Fisher


Chocolate cloud cake

The intensely flavoured chocolate cake is offset with a generous topping of whipped cream. We like, a lot.


Swiss roll

Like all the other cakes in this list, no butter means this cake doesn't keep well, so it's best eaten on the day it's made. No great hardship there. 


White cloud cake

Fluffy egg white sponge smothered in a lemon curd-flavoured cream. We're going back for more...

White cloud cake

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Tara Fisher 


Chocolate red wine chiffon cake

Turns out you can make a decadent chocolate cake without any butter. Quite the revelation.


Angel food cupcakes

There's no butter IN the cake. So that means you can spread even more on top.


Elderflower chiffon cake

OK, OK – with the whipping cream, this isn't the healthiest in this list. But it's so gorgeous, we just had to put it in.


Greek yogurt and olive oil cake

Yogurt makes a great alternative to butter – and we can't keep our hands off this mixed-up Mediterranean version with rose petals and orange blossom glaze.