Give peas a chance with this tasty round-up of pretty green dishes

All hail the humble pea: pop-in-the-mouth delicious, both eaten alone or mixed into a main dish. Whether you buy them frozen, tinned or fresh, peas are an easy and delicious way to get one of your five a day – and with these recipes, you'll be eating them all week...


Minty pea soup

Bring your winter self back to full spring health with a steaming bowl of green pea soup. 


Pea and mint fritters

Pea fritters

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Kate Whitaker

Warning! This combination of crunchy batter and juicy sweet peas is highly addictive.


Peas with pancetta

Let hunks of salty pancetta transform a humble bowl of peas into a fully fledged fancy side dish.


Chicken, pea and leek pie

We’re huge fans of one-pot dinners – simple, delicious and less to wash up – so this pie with peas thrown in gets our vote every time. 


Salmon and pea filo parcels

The type of parcel the whole family will enjoy unwrapping. And when we say unwrap, we mean eat. Obviously.


Potato, pea and coconut salad

This lightly curried recipe makes a superb side dish or barbecue accompaniment. Just add sunshine and serve. 


Tuna and pea pasta

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best. This fuss-free dish will taste just as good from a lunchbox as it will eaten with all the family at the table. Easy peasy indeed.  


Leek and pea quinotto

Quin-what what, we hear you cry. This salad combines filling quinoa grains and zingy spring greens for a delicious dinnertime treat.


Salmon and pea spaghetti

Sweet garden peas perfectly offset creamy salmon and tender snakes of pasta in this speedy dinnertime dish. 


Avocado and pea purée

Thought you’d reached peak avocado? This creamy dip will have you thinking again. 


Smoked trout, leek and pea quiche

Fish with peas has long been a match made in fish and chip heaven. Now quiche is getting in on the action with this tasty little trout and greens number. 


Chicken and pea paella

While this modern take on paella might not pass in Spain, your gang will go for its silky combo of sticky rice and fresh, popping peas. 


Topsy-turvy pea and mint carbonara

This modern take on traditional carbonara puts peas centre stage. Just where we like them.


Saffron, pea and basil risotto

No pea recipe round-up would be complete without a pea risotto. We love the addition of warm, earthy saffron, while the quick cook rice means you'll be eating a delicious meal in minutes. Win.