Because full bellies make happy campers

Whether you’re roughing it at a festival or camping with the family on holiday, there’s something about sleeping in a tent that creates hungrier-than-usual bellies in the morning. Look no further than these super-satisfying ways to start the day in the great outdoors.


Pizza muffins

With 10 minutes' prep time, it doesn’t matter how hungry you are – you’ll have a brilliant breakfast in double-quick time. You can vary this recipe depending on whether you’re a meat-eater or not (and how long you can wait to eat) by crisping up some bacon to go under the cheese. Slices of chorizo or breakfast sausage make a tasty addition too.


Herb omelette

Got a pan? Got eggs, butter and a few herb leaves? You’re just seven minutes away from a delicious breakfast. Beef it up with the addition of some crispy pancetta if you’re super-hungry. Either way, this filling brekkie will have you energised and feeling satisfied in no time.


Crunchy baked muesli​

This is one of those super-handy recipes that you can either make ahead then top with fresh fruit, yogurt and honey, or put together from scratch just before you want it. It’s light, filling, refreshing and easy to do – and there’s no cooking involved whatsoever. Big win.


Cheesy bacon and egg crumpets

Why do we only eat crumpets at teatime? They’re excellent for taking camping or to a festival as they take just a few minutes on the stove and they’re ready. You can top them with all sorts of things, but you can’t beat cheese, bacon and egg for the ultimate belly filler. You could crisp the pancetta ahead of time and take it along cold if you’re short of cooking utensils and space.


Savoury French toast

Grill the tomatoes ahead if you don’t have access to a grill on your camping or festival trip and take them with you. Otherwise, this fabulously easy dish (reminiscent of the eggy bread of your kid-hood) is a cinch. You could soup it up with some crispy bacon bits for a sweet-savoury vibe.


One-pan brunch

If you prefer your sausage, egg and bacon in one hit, this frittata breakfast dish is for you. It usually needs a grill to finish off cooking the top, but as long as you take along a proper (non-paper) plate, you can place it over the frittata, tip it over, slide it back into the pan and finish cooking it over the campfire or stove. Cut down on the time by pre-cooking the sausage (or using frankfurters) before you go. And how about a dash of brown sauce and some French bread with that?


Salted peanut, chocolate and raisin pancakes

You can cook the pancakes a day ahead, then just heat them on the griddle or in a dry frying pan before you assemble the rest of the ingredients. Then all you have to do is melt the chocolate until it’s deliciously runny and put it all together with peanuts and raisins. Yum!