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Best Blackberry Recipes

Via: Sainsbury's

Blackberries are perhaps not the most glamorous members of the berry family, and often overshadowed by the sweet strawberry or the powers of the blueberry. But when you can use them to make all these delicious options, why wouldn't you get on board?


Blackberry muffins? Yes, we’ve got them, but they're just the tip of the sweet treat iceberg when it comes to cooking with these juicy berries…


1. Cocktail o’clock

This requires a little bit of patience as it takes a good three months to develop. Ready, set, infuse!

Blackberry vodka

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Jonathan Gregson


2. Tart it up

If a lemon meringue tart wasn’t posh enough for your afternoon tea, a swipe of sharp blackberry coulis will blow your culinary mind.

Lemon meringue tart with blackberry coulis

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Jenna Leiter


3. French fancy

Batter-based puddings studded with berries are one of the few acceptable hot puddings in summer. This French clafoutis lands somewhere between a Yorkshire pud and a custard tart.


4. Get your bake on

We already thought our baked apples were good, but then we tried them with blackberries and toffee. 

Baked toffee apples with blackberries

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Martin Poole


5. Muffin top

You’ll be fighting the kids for these yogurt muffins – they're pillow soft and ever so fruity.


6. Get fruity

Pimp up your blackberry compote with crushed amaretti biscuits and some Greek-style yogurt. Trust us, it works.

Baked blackberry and plum compote

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Jonathan Gregson


7. Pimp your pudding

Tart blackberry compote makes everything better – even a creamy buttery based cheesecake. 


8. Let’s get ready to crumble

Nothing beats the humble crumble and this might just be the best summer twist you’ll try.


9. Oats so good

Could anything be tastier than the simple perfection of a warm, sticky flapjack? Well, yes, the addition of some blackberries. 


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