Landed yourself a lovely lobster but no idea what to do with it?


1. Place the lobster in a pan of boiling water and cover

Boil over a low to moderate heat for 7-9 minutes. 

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Place in boiling water


2. Twist off the claws with your hands and crack the shell with a rolling pin

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Crack claw


3. Loosen and pull out the lower part of the claw 

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Remove plate


4.  Remove the flesh from the rest of the claw

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Remove claw flesh


5. Cut down the spine and remove the tail meat

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Remove tail meat


6. Don't waste anything!

There's tasty meat in the legs too.

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Remove leg meat


7. Serve with crusty bread and melted butter

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Fancy taking it up a notch?

Try this recipe for Lobster thermidor with white wine sauce.


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