From courgette to butternut, these are cakes you won’t want to share

Image: Veggie cakes just went next level gorgeous

Photo: Lisa Linder

Adding vegetables to cakes, bakes and confections can add texture, taste and next level yummy-ness. And we’re not just talking about carrots either. Let our round-up whet your appetite, then roll up your apron sleeves and get involved – consider it your most delicious route to five-a-day.


Date chocolate cake with sweet potato frosting

Sticky fruit combine with creamy sweet potato-whipped chocolate frosting for a bake that’s lighter in refined sugar without sacrificing on taste.


Avocado cake

OK, so we know avocado isn’t strictly a vegetable – but it’s certainly unexpected in a cake and packed with health qualities, which is why we snuck it in here for your viewing pleasure regardless. Moist green avo flesh comes perfectly offset by hunks of rich, dark chocolate. Another slice, anyone?


Pear and parsnip cake

Parsnips aren’t just for Christmas. They’re for life. Or was that dogs? Either way, parsnips add a buttery earthiness to this single-tier bake.


Lemon and rosemary almond cake

Alright, alright – so rosemary isn't a vegetable either, but it has a distinctly savoury flavour that plays perfect foil to lemon’s fresh citrus bite. We'd still like you to try it. We think you’ll like it. 


Chocolate courgette cake

Much like in a carrot cake, the veg here helps keep things super moist. Brings a whole new meaning to eating your greens, eh? 


Beetroot brownies

It might sound strange, but trust us – beetroot creates a depth of flavour and incredible fudgy quality that you won’t forget in a hurry. 


Beetroot and sultana muffins

These fruity muffins are versatile enough to be served as a sweet or savoury addition to any picnic or breakfast plate. Slather on butter, jam or cheese depending on your preference, then devour.


Butternut, chocolate and toasted pecan cake

Sainsbury's Butternut, chocolate and toasted pecan cake

Via: Sainsbury’s Magazine/Photo: Karen Thomas

This decadent chocolate number is made all the more indulgent by rich, nutty squash and crisp pecan studs.


Spiced squash and fruit loaf

Sainsbury's Spiced squash and fruit loaf

Via: Sainsbury’s Magazine/Photo: Kris Kirkham 

The good news? Butternut adds honeyed sweetness to this gorgeous lightly spiced loaf. The bad news? It's a bake that tastes better the longer you leave it stored in its container – which means you’ll have to resist eating it all in one sitting. Shame.