The downfall of many a wavering vegetarian, salty, crisp, bacon is one versatile piece of pork. From jam to truffles, here are some unusual uses for bacon that won't cost a bomb

Crispy streaky bacon – is there a finer thing in existence?

One for the chocoholics

If you like salted caramel, you're pretty much bound to like bacon truffles. The concept is the same. Keep the chocolate dark, add a touch of booze and crumble the well-grilled bacon to a coarse, sandy crumb. Laura at healthy-delicious made them and they look pretty swell.

In a jam

Bacon in jam? Think a deeply savoury, deliciously salty chutney - it's the business on burgers or cheese sandwiches. Give it a whirl!

Choc full of bacon

Don't be thinking bacon's just for the savoury toothed amongst us. Maple syrup and chocolate covered bacon makes a delicious snappable treat. Just look how pretty Jennifer Chong's are


Pizza perfection

Try a great alternative to a fry-up for a weekend brunch: the breakfast pizza. Use a pizza dough, parmesan, eggs and bacon. Crack an egg in the middle, top with cheese and cook in a hot oven with the cheese. 

But if pizza for breakfast is too much of a leap for you, try these delicious loaded cheesy crumpets from the Homemade team.


If you thought popcorn was predictable think again. This one not only tastes bacony and delicious it's cooked on the ruddy barbecue! If the weather's not on your side you don't have to cook it there. You get all the smoky goodness you need from your porky friend. It might be the swankiest popcorn on the block, but it's also a darn sight cheaper than buying it at the Cinema. Just make sure you don't eat it whilst watching the movie Babe. You've been warned.