Your friends are going to be so impressed with these...

Image: How to make tooty fruity watermelon kebabs

Via: Sainsbury's

This fruity little crafternoon project has got your name all over it. Literally! 


Yes, you can now add to your five-a-day and make sure everyone knows which drink is yours at the summer party. These gorgeous fruity name place kebabs are perfect served with a melon daiquiri (or three). 


Plus, all things watermelon are BIG on Pinterest and Instagram, so you can serve them up smug in the knowledge that your guests will be 'gramming every last moment of your party.


Here's how they're done. 


1. Prep your fruit

Stage one

Via: Sainsbury's

For these to be successful, you need to choose fruit with distinct colouring – we love watermelon, honeydew and mango. For best results, we chose fruit that was a couple of days before its best so it was good and firm, but you can also pop them in the freezer for 15 minutes to make sure your letters are easier to get out of their cutter shapes. 


2. Mark out your letters 

Stage two

Via: Sainsbury's

This is a lot easier with alphabet cookie cutters, but if you're not able to track any down you can always print off letters and cut around them with a very sharp knife. Then all you'll need to do is plan out your names, alternating the fruit for each letter. 


3. Push them out 

Stage three

Via: Sainsbury's

This stage is fiddly if you're using cookie cutters, so it's worth being taking your time. You'll need a blunt, thin object to push out the fruit without damaging its flesh – we opted for a chopstick but the end of a teaspoon should also do the trick. 


4. Make your kebabs 

Stage five

Via: Sainsbury's

With all the fiddly work done, all you have to do is build the names of your guests (or get them involved, if they're that way inclined). We added a blueberry on either side of our names to keep everything in place, but a grape or strawberry would work just as well. 


5. Get stuck in!

Stage five

Via: Sainsbury's

Not a fan of daiquiris? Serve your names with melon juice, cloudy lemonade or a champagne granita.


Leftovers? Make a fruit salad or eat as you go – cook's rights.


Please remember to drink responsibly. Check out UK Government alcohol guidelines here.