One dish, two ways: take the pain out of cooking for the whole family with these child-friendly meals that can be tweaked for the grown-ups

Image: One dish, two ways: how to transform your children’s dinner into something you’ll love

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The kids are back at school and the summer has come to a end. Gone are those easy dinners of barbecues and salads that everyone loves. Instead, you’re faced with the daily dilemma of cooking a meal to suit everyone.


Fear not! We’ve put together a collection of quick and easy recipes that will see them through the week. Add a little grown up-twist and these recipes will see you through the week, too. Hurrah!


Monday: Posh bangers and mash

Baffled by celeriac? Don't be. This unsung hero of the vegetable world has a mellow, nutty flavour that tastes divine when mashed with potatoes. Add sausages and thick gravy and you've got the best comfort food ever.

Grown-up twist: add some grated fresh horseradish to the mash.

sausage and mash

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Tuesday: Bacon, leek and mozzarella pizza

Who said you can't have pizza on a Tuesday? Shake things up with this seriously good tomato-less pizza topped with buttery leeks, cubes of bacon and mozzarella.

Grown-up twist: switch up the mozzarella for a more flavour-packed goat's cheese.

No tomato pizza

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Wednesday: Classic burger

Put a smile on everyone's face with these beef and caramelised red onion burgers served with salad in a sweet brioche bun with homemade chunky potato wedges. Delicious!

Grown-up twist: add a slice of Stilton and a few rashers of crispy bacon.

Classic burger

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Thursday: Italian-style meatballs

This Italian-inspired dish of delicious pork meatballs in a tomato sauce with spaghetti is delicious yet so easy to make.

Grown-up twist: add some chilli to the sauce.

Italian meatballs

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Friday: Slow-cooked pork tacos

Celebrate the weekend with these fun and colourful tacos. Slow cooking the pork makes it irresistibly tender and perfect for piling into taco shells.

Grown-up twist: add a finely chopped red chilli to the salsa for an extra kick.

Slow-cooked pork tacos

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