Image: Perfectly portable snacks for summer days out


4 flapjack combos

You can’t beat a classic flapjack for an afternoon energy boost and they’re so easy to make. Here’s four tasty flavour ideas for you to try.

4 flapjack flavours



2. Peanut butter crisp balls

Pop these no-bake balls of deliciousness in your backpack for sweet rewards on long walks or activity days with the family.


3. 4 Tupperware-friendly lunches

These delicious make-at-home lunches are perfect for fuelling the family while out and about.

Tupperware-friendly lunches



4. The inevitable stages of family car journeys

Get the snacks in and the tunes on, it’s going to be a long day…



5. Build your own trail mix

Trail mix, the hiker’s staple, is usually a combination of nuts, dried fruit and seeds. But if you make your own you get to put whatever you like in it! Here’s our dream combo.

Build your own trailmix


6. 4-ingredient banana oat bites

Bananas are great for keeping energy levels up while out and about, and this highly portable snack happens to be rather delicious too.


7. Summer hike snacks to keep you going

Here’s some more pocket-friendly fodder to keep you going…