Forget that dirty takeaway and cook up one of these tastier 'fakeaways' instead. Trust us, there'll be no looking back

Image: Healthy bucket chicken

Via: Sainsbury's 

We've all got a favourite curry house, naughty-but-nice Chinese, or a proper chippy we call on when we're in need of some takeaway TLC. But instead of getting greasy fingers and dealing with that inevitable post-pig-out guilt, how's about taking a DIY approach?


Here are our top takeaway recipes to try at home …


1. Easy chicken curry

On the table in 40 minutes, this juicy curry can only be described as a godsend. It uses chicken thigh meat, which takes on the flavours of the spices better than chicken breast, and you don't even have to cheat with a curry paste. Perfect if you've got spices loitering in the back of the cupboard that need using up.

Chicken curry (in a hurry)

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Charlie Richards


2. Chicken chow mein

A handful of ingredients (most of which you'll already have) and 10 minutes of your stir-fry skills will result in this Chinese classic that's less effort than rummaging around for a takeaway menu in the first place.

Chicken chow mein

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Richard Jung 


3. Salmon fish fingers with sweet potato chips

Much more interesting than your regular fish and chips, dip the salmon in Dijon mustard before coating in breadcrumbs for a little extra heat.

Salmon fish fingers with cherry tomato salad and sweet potato chips

Via: Sainsbury's 


4. Crispy five-spice duck with noodles

Crispy duck skin, fresh plum sauce and sesame oil noodles: easy, scrumptious and flavoursome.


5. Chicken and lemon kebabs

Got 20 minutes? Then these will be yours. And you don't even have to be on a drunken bar crawl to enjoy them.


Via: Sainsbury's 


6. Fun pitta pizzas

Thin and crisp pittas make surprisingly good pizza bases. Turn it into a cheese-fest by using creamy camembert or taleggio instead of mozzarella, and pecorino instead of parmesan. Yum.

Fun pitta pizzas

Via: Sainsbury's 


7. Deluxe turkey burger

Topped off with salsa and houmous, these burgers beat that greasy one from down the road, hands down. Shape your turkey mince around small chunks of brie for a naughty cheesy twist.

Deluxe turkey burger

Via: Sainsbury's 


8. Healthier bucket chicken

Marinated in buttermilk and coated in cornflakes, chicken doesn't get tastier than this. Colonel, you can keep your secret recipe – we don't need it.

Healthy bucket chicken

Via: Sainsbury's