Cooking a meal for the family in a matter of minutes is perfectly possible, with our delicious recipes for Moroccan tagine, stuffed peppers and bacon and ricotta gnocchi

These delicious 15-minute meals mean you get to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the family. Mission accomplished.


1. Mild spiced lamb salad

This quick North African-inspired dish will have you dreaming of warmer climes if (or when!) the British summer doesn’t cooperate. 


2. Thai beef noodle soup

You wouldn’t think a soup this elaborate looking would be that easy to make, but this recipe really delivers on both speed and flavour.


3. Herb coley with couscous

Plaice or pollock will work (and cook) just as well as coley in this harissa-spiced couscous dish. 


4. Greek-style gnocchi salad

These Italian dumplings are incredibly filling and, combined with Greek-style cheese and Mediterranean vegetables, they're perfect for an easy supper in the summer. 


5. Corn and haddock chowder

Ready-made mash or pre-cooked potatoes are the secret to this quick and tasty corn and haddock chowder.


6. Zesty trout with warm bean salad

This is the kind of dish you might think would take loads of prep time, but actually can be whipped up in a flash. 


7. Roast chicken Caesar salad

Whip up this classic American salad with roast chicken for a light main course.


8. Vegetarian Moroccan tagine

There are a few handy shortcuts with this recipe that make this tagine ideal to serve to larger groups when you don’t have much time to spare. 


9. Moroccan chicken couscous

The couscous is the only thing that needs cooking with this easy-to-make, spicy North African-inspired dish.


10. Stuffed peppers

Stuffed with goat's cheese, tomatoes, rice and a splash of citrus from an orange, these traffic-light coloured peppers taste just as good as they look.


11. Zesty ricotta, bacon and tomato gnocchi

Bacon adds a lot of flavour to this creamy gnocchi pasta. Serve with a green salad on the side for a filling supper.


12. Seared tuna steak with pineapple salsa

The fresh taste of pineapple salsa makes this tuna steak recipe perfect to serve on a warm summer evening.


13. Mixed bean antipasti salad

This handy tub of veg antipasti transforms this bean and rice salad into something special. It’s great for veggies, too.


14. Crisp-skinned coley fillets and sesame stir-fry salad

The Asian-inspired stir-fry can be put together quickly, while the flavours combine perfectly with the pan-fried coley fillets.


15. Chicken and prawn paella

This delicious Spanish-inspired dish might taste like you've slaved over a hot stove for hours, but the principle here is not much different to a stir-fry.