They're packed with colour and flavour to jump start your afternoon

Banish all thoughts of limp lettuce and soggy salad leaves. Uncomplicated and delicious, these salads are all about brilliant flavours and bold colours from across the rainbow, ready to amp up your packed lunch and then some. Treats for the tummy and the eye – that's our kind of al desko grub. 


Gado gado salad

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A firecracker of a dish – crushed peanuts and juicy radish make this Indonesian plate an explosion of crunch and zing. 


Buckwheat noodle salad

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Packed with hard-working crunchy veg alongside tummy-filling noodles, this is the perfect excuse for an early lunch break. We feel good just looking at it. 


Epic roast chicken salad with wild rice and grapes

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Grapes? Check. Roast chicken? Check. A tasty meal that's less than 500 calories? Check, check, check!


Salmon, mango, avocado and feta salad

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Ever tasted sunshine? Well you’re about to get pretty damn close, because this dish will make sure your tastebuds know it's spring again. Welcome back to the table, sweetcorn. 


Coconut-poached chicken with mango salad

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There’s something distinctly holiday-ish about a combination of coconut and mango. And anything that transports us to foreign climes when in reality we're bracing ourselves for a drizzly British summer certainly gets our vote. 


Roasted cauliflower and quinoa jar salad

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A feast for the tastebuds, this one-jar salad comes studded with flavourful pomegranate and pistachio. Plus, that gorgeous dressing sits at the base ready to serve without making your salad soggy. Genius. 


Heritage tomato salad

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Red and yellow sun-soaked heritage toms come together for a starburst of colour that’s perfect for a lighter meal. Add a wedge of garlic bread or herb focaccia for a more filling option that'll have you smiling long after lunch. 


Warm pomodorino tomato salad

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Colour clash perfection by way of pink parma ham and fire engine red tomatoes. They taste pretty darn good together too.


Beetroot rice salad with goat’s cheese and a hazelnut dressing

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We love the transformation of humble beige rice into beetroot-pink star player. A salad that’s big on colour and even bigger on flavour. 


King prawn, roasted tomato and corn salad with croutons

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Sainsbury's king prawn and corn salad

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Kris Kirkham

A summery riff on a classic traybake. The bright, buttery corn and fresh prawns with generous squeezes of lemon are perfection. Who knew lunches this uncomplicated could be so incredible?