Right. Let us explain. Tofu is actually nice these days – and here are the recipes to prove it

The world of vegan food has changed. Say hello to jackfruit, laced with spiced and cooked low and slow before being piled into a bap, pulled pork-style. Cream churned out of cashews. Coconut transformed, into, well, everything – butter, cheese, milk. 


This foodie revolution coincides with the rise of veganism, with a 350 per cent increase in British people switching to a vegan diet between 2006 and 2016 (150,000 to 542,000), plus a steady increase in the public adopting a 'less meat, more veg' way of life – one third of us now identify as 'flexitarian'.


Which brings us back to tofu. The soy-based, protein-rich blocks don't have the best rep, thanks to a history of sponge-like servings with zero flavour. But those days are gone and tofu is now the kitchen belle of the ball. Honestly. Check out these dishes. They're truly awesome. 


Mushroom burgers

These burgers are destined to make any hungry person squeal with delight. As well as the sweet 'tato and mushrooms, the zingy guac features a discreet tofu element, to up the nutrition. Win, win. 


Veggie pho with tofu

This fresh Vietnamese noodle soup is the ultimate soul-reviver. With the tofu cubes absorbing the fragrant broth, you'll be in slurp-happy heaven. 


Scrambled tofu with coconut rice

Umami rich soy breaks into the scrambled tofu for a savoury hit. Add in lemon grass and coconut, and you've got a party in a pan. 


Shittake mushroom and tofu ramen

Marinated then grilled, these meaty tofu slices could almost be chicken. A spicy bowl of joy. 


Butternut boodles stir-fry

So on trend with your pasta substitute! Go you! As well as being a lighter take on the stir fry, these tasty bites of tofu make sure this is a super satisfying plateful. Can't say fairer than that.