It's Pimm's o'clock but there's none left in the cupboard. Fear not! You can rustle up your own version of this classic summer cup cocktail with just four ingredients. It might not be quite like the real thing - but it's nearly there!

Image: How to make your own Pimms

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Pimm's is the essential taste of summer – but what do you do when it runs out? If you can't get to the shops to buy another bottle, you can always have a go at making something similar with our DIY 'summer cup' recipe. 


Homemade Pimm's recipe

Photo: Lisa Harris

Our attempt at Homemade summer cup... spot the difference?

What you'll need:


250ml gin
250ml sweet vermouth
125ml sweet sherry or port
125ml Cointreau or other orange liqueur


Pour all the ingredients into a large jam jar and shake to mix. That's it - you're done!


Serving suggestion:

Mix 1 part summer cup with 3 parts lemonade in a glass with ice. Be careful - the homemade stuff can have a little more kick, so go easy on the serving size. Garnish with sliced cucumber, oranges, strawberries and mint. 

5 things you didn't know about the real Pimm's


1. Back in the 1820s, oysters were knocked back with neat, bitter gin. To take the edge off, shellfish-monger James Pimm served up the gin with his Pimm's "house cup" of fruit extracts and liqueurs. From there the classic Pimm's cup was born.


2. There used to be 6 different kinds of Pimm's, each numbered according to the base liquor used to make it. The classic blend that most people drink is Pimm's No. 1, with a base liquor of gin.


3. At one point during the 1880s, Pimm's was owned by the Lord Mayor of London, Sir Horatio Davies. Nothing like mixing business with pleasure.


4. Her Majesty approves. Pimm's bagged itself a Royal Warrant back in 2010.


5. Pimm's is the original 'Gin Sling'. Slings actually came about before cocktails in the 1800's, and are traditionally a mix of sweetened spirits and water


Serve up an ace in the kitchen during Wimbledon with these strawberry-stuffed, Pimm's-soaked recipes.


Pimm's cup traybake

Soft, light cake topped with a real Pimm's syrup and garnish? Pure summer genius.

Pimm's cup traybake

Photo: Homemade / Maja Smend


Pimm's granita

Move over Pimm's in a glass. Hello Pimm's from the freezer.

Pimm's granita

Via: Homemade


Pimm's jellies

What's even better than a glass of real Pimm's? A Pimm's jelly, of course!

Pimm's jellies

Photo: Homemade / Brett Stevens


Pimm's cupcakes

Nothing says 'summer picnic' better than cupcakes laced with real Pimm's.

Pimm's cupcakes

Photo: Homemade / Ria Osborne