Don’t get stuck cooking the same old thing this Easter, we’ve got some great ideas to inspire you to try something new


1. Breakfasts & brunches

It's Bank holiday season, hurrah! Make the most of leisurely mornings (if the kids allow) by spending a bit more time than usual over breakfast and brunch. We're talking fruity French toast, rhubarb and custard muffins and even a clever one-pan brunch idea. 


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breakfast recipes


2. Sweet Easter treats

It's not Easter without the sweet stuff. Check out these egg-citing recipes to give everyone their sugar fix with chocolate tarts, cakes and biscuits. 

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Easter treats recipes


3. Easy family food

Get the kids invested and excited about mealimes by involving them in the cooking. Daunting? Not really, if you start simple. Here are some fun and straight-forward recipes they'll love to help create - including quesadillas, goujons and fajitas.

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family food recipes


4. Perfect picnics

The weather's picking up (erm, sort of), so it's time to dust off those picnic boxes and venture bravely outside. Banish boring sarnies and instead try some of these classic snacks with a twist. Say hello to some all-new scones, quiches and pasties. 

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Picnic recipes


5. Baked goodies

It's always sensible to prepare for rainy days in this Great British climate of ours, and baking with the kids is a great way to have some indoor fun. Pull out some aprons and mixing bowls, and get mucky. Choose everyone's favourite from gingerbread men to chocolate nests.

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6. Light & simple

Now that winter's on its way out for another year, our appetites tend to crave lighter and brighter dishes. Lift mealtimes up with Malaysian-style salads, Italian cheese and fruit combos and some fragrant fish dishes.

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Light meal occasion


7. Easy slow cooking

Low and slow, that's the way to go. Here's a collection of recipes that show why a little patience yields some amazing stews, pot-roasts and hotpots that are sure to be a hit with all around the dinner table.

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Slow cook recipes


8. Quick & easy

Taking the hard work and time out of lunches and dinners, these recipes are big in flavour and minimal in effort. Easy suggestions like a frittata, tart or fajitas means less time in the kitchen and more time relaxing with friends and loved ones.

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Quick recipes


9. The ultimate Easter roast

Thought roasts were just a matter of choosing beef, chicken or lamb? Think again. We've brought together a whole range of tasty new ideas to surprise your family when they sit down for Sunday lunch.

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Roast recipes


10. Homemade takeaways

Make the most of the long weekends, and instead of dialling-in for a favourite takeaway, try giving the dish a go from your own kitchen. We're talking pizzas, stir-fries and kebabs - and this way you get to dictate exactly what goes in them.

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Take away recipes