Make THIS the year your treasure hunt goes down in history

No matter how young or old they are, everyone will love getting involved in an Easter egg hunt, be it in the hiding, the hunting, or the eating. Here are 11 ideas for ways that you can make it even more exciting.


1. Get crafty

To get into the spirit, sit down with the kids and make bunny ears or Easter bonnets to wear during the egg hunt.


2. Team spirit

Keep things fair by dividing kids into teams. Older children can help the younger ones spot more eggs.


3. Divide by age

Or, space allowing, make two hunting areas for different age groups. Older egg hunters can look for eggs that are harder to find. Or you could set a colour code so that everyone knows which eggs are intended to be the easier to find ones.


4. Mark the area

Set clear boundaries for the game beforehand, especially if it’s an outdoor hunt. For example, if the boundary for where eggs are hidden is in the garden and not beyond the fence. It will help keep everyone in the same area and also help with safety.


5. Set mid-hunt challenges

For every five eggs that people manage to collect, ask them to complete a physical challenge like doing 20 star jumps or squat-thrusts.


6. Build a craft station

The fun doesn’t have to end once the eggs have been found, devise a hard-boiled egg decorating station. Coloured dye, felt tip pens, PVC glue, bits of felt, foil, stick on gems… whatever you like. You could award small prizes for categories for the most original, most colourful, etc.


7. X marks the spot

Put a treasure hunt spin on proceedings and create a map detailing locations and clues as to where eggs are hidden.


8. Mix it up

In addition to chocolate or hard-boiled eggs, hide a couple of plastic eggs with clues leading to other eggs, with little toys or sweets inside.


9. Eggs for clues

Buy some alphabet letters, use a felt tip pen, or depending how arty you’re feeling, paint different letters on the outer shell of each egg. What words can people make using the eggs that they find? You could offer extra Easter prizes for those who can make the longest, or the most words.


10. Bunny prints

To give the kids some easy hints as to where the eggs are hidden, or just for an added bit of Easter fun, you could make bunny footprints near each hidden egg. You can make them using plain paper, or by sprinkling some talcum powder or flour and put a bunny paw print in it with your fingers.


11. Weather proof

Be prepared for the rain – or snow, it has happened at Easter in the UK before(!) – with a selection of indoor activities, just in case. Family-friendly movies, board games, or video games will keep them entertained and smiling as the rain pitter-patters outside.