Because we fully endorse playing with your food

Easter is a great time to get a little playful with your food. So with that in mind, here are three fun and easy-to-follow recipes for you to try. Go on, we dare you not to crack a smile.


1. Hot cross spuds

An egg-cellent variation on the traditional hot cross bun, these tatties will look great as a side dish, or as part of an Easter buffet. You’ll need at least one spud per person. Let them cool for a bit before cutting shallow crosses into each one. Then, lightly whip some soft cream cheese by Sainbury’s and pipe crosses over the cuts.

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2. Egg meringue

These zesty meringues look so impressive, yet they can be whipped up in minutes. Mix one tbsp lemon curd into 100g fresh custard. Take four meringue nests by Sainsbury’s and dollop spoonfuls into the middle to look like the yellow yolks of fried eggs. Simple!

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3. Happy bunny cake

This happy-looking chappy would look great in the centre of your table either post tea, Easter lunch, or as a Spring birthday cake. He’s from our book: Cake recipe collection by Sainsbury’s, £5.

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