Help the kids get into the Easter spirit with these super cute DIY costumes


1. Baby bird costume

This very sweet fluffy chick costume, perfect for babies, is just about the most Easter thing ever.


Baby bird costume


2. Sunshine headband

We can’t promise you glorious weather this Easter, but we can guarantee that this costume will bring a little ray of sunshine to any festive get together.



3. Bumblebee costume

We’re buzzing about this clever little bee outfit.



4. Flower headband

Who knew a yogurt pot lid and a few pieces of felt could be turned into an adorable flower bonnet?


Flower headband


5. Fox mask and tail

Most Easter animals are cute and fluffy, but this foxy number will appeal to kids who prefer their creature costumes with a little more bite.



6. Chicken mask

What came first, the chicken or the (Easter) egg? This felt mask is so quick and easy to make that you may even be able to knock it up before the demands for the first chocolate egg of the holiday reach fever pitch.