That succulent lamb/beef/fish [delete as appropriate] deserves a solid supporting cast

Whatever dish you intend to tuck into this Easter, be inspired by these delicious sides.


1. Glazed carrots

We’re sure even the Easter Bunny would give his thumbs up to these tasty glazed orange wonders. See recipe for Glazed carrots.

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2. New potatoes with herby butter

Spruce up your spuds with a really simple-to-make herb and melted butter sauce. See recipe for New potatoes with herby butter.

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3. Roast courgettes with lemon

It’s not often you hear “more please!” spoken about a side dish but this zesty accompaniment is certain to have people clamouring for seconds. See recipe for Roast courgettes with lemon.

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6. Roasted butternut squash with garlic and parsley

This roasted butternut squash is all sweet and nutty, making a lovely veg dish to serve with roast meats. See recipe for Roasted butternut squash with garlic and parsley.

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4. Potato dauphinoise

Creamy, delicious and moreish, just the way you like it. See recipe for Potato dauphinoise.

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5. Zesty spring greens

Eating these greens will be anything but a chore. Tender asparagus, sweet peas, baby courgettes and broad beans all in a heavenly seasonal vegetable side dish. See recipe for Zesty spring greens.

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6. Lemon roast potatoes

Roast spud fan? Of course you are! Add a twist to everyone's favourite trimming with zesty lemon. It'll work perfectly with your leg of roast lamb or chicken, plus taste brilliant if any leftovers get turned into potato hash the next morning!