Now then, THIS is how to celebrate Easter

Nothing beats the traditional roast dinner on Easter Sunday for bringing everyone together. And with some fun and games thrown in to keep the little ones amused, you’ll have Easter covered.


1. Prepare your ingredients

An Easter feast is no time to be winging it. You’ll want to plan your menu in advance and make sure to stock up on everything you need for a true seasonal blow out. Luckily, we’ve got tips to help you prepare the perfect roast, fix all the trimmings and serve up some delicious veggie alternatives.


2. Set the table

While we’re sure your roast dinner will be a spectacular spread in itself, why not go that extra mile with some festive, seasonal table settings? Grab some daffs and place in tumblers of water for some instant cheer. Opt for a brightly coloured table cloth and napkins in a contrasting colour.


3. Give the kids a job

Our top tip for avoiding an Easter roast-related meltdown? Delegate – and that includes the kids. Assigning youngsters an official Easter duty – from washing veg to laying the table – won’t just keep them happy and busy, it will also make them feel important and invested in the big occasion.


4. Plan an Easter egg hunt

The classic Easter egg hunt can range from a simple way of amusing the kids for a half-hour or so, to an epic search mission that’s as engrossing for adults as it is for youngsters. It all depends on how tricky you are with egg placement. We recommend a range of hiding place ingenuity, to give the littlest children a chance, and the big kids (and really big kids!) a challenge.


5. Explore different Easter cultures from around the world

For a more exotic Easter, set everyone a challenge to research a different country’s customs and incorporate it into your own weekend of festivities. Parents may particularly enjoy the Dutch tradition of Stille Zaterdag – Silent Saturday.


6. Go outside for a nature walk

While the roast in the oven, why not take a walk in the great outdoors? (It's been a while, we know). Keep the kids amused with a nature spotters' cheat sheet - list flowers, plants, animals and birds that the kids can tick off as and when they spot them.  


7. Decorate eggs

Put everyone’s artistic skills through their paces with a spot of Easter egg decoration. Hard-boil a bunch of eggs, dig out the paint pots and plenty of old newspaper for spills, and check out our pick of the best for a bit of creative inspiration.


8. The big tidy up

After a fun-filled day of feasting and activity, there’ll be some clearing up to do. Make this a family affair by giving everyone a job to do – whether it’s clearing the table, putting things away, piling up the washing up – put on some music and have fun as you go!