Food plus creativity equals maximum fun. Here’s nine mini craft projects the kids will love this Easter

Image: Crafty Cooks



1. Potato print chicks

We all love a potato print project, and with this cute idea you don’t even need to fuss around with cutting your tatties up into shapes – perfect for little ones. 



2. Choccy egg nest

Three ingredients are all that’s needed to create these Easter treats and the kids will love mucking in. Fill nests with the treat of their choice. Check out the full Easter craft here.

Choccy egg nest



3. Fruit faces

With chopped fruit and veg as their materials and their plate as the canvas, let the kids get creative with their very own Easter-themed edible masterpieces. 



4. Egg box bunny head

Here’s the deal: you get going on delicious baked spinach eggs for brunch and set the kids to work on these super-sweet bunny heads with the leftover egg boxes. It’ll be brunch and bunnies in half an hour. Check out the full Easter craft here.

Egg box bunny head



5. Turn a milk carton into a bunny

It’s happy bunnies all round with this rather ingenious way to put empty milk cartons to good use.



6. Bunny dip board

This is next-level food prep that’s actually a lot simpler to create than it looks. And it’s another great way to make veg fun for the kids. Check out the full Easter craft here.

Bunny dip board



7. Paper plate chicks

Paper plates are great to have around the house for a bit of affordable crafting. With a bag full of extra materials and a pot of glue, this’ll keep the kids happily occupied on a rainy day. 



8. Sheepy cupcakes

Imagine turning up to a party with these cuties. If you haven’t got the time to bake from scratch, use pre-made cupcakes and make a whole herd. Check out the full Easter craft here.

Sheepy cupcakes



9. Easter spoons

If you've got some spare wooden spoons kicking around, get the kids to transform them into Easter characters and put on a show!