Because why should the kids have all the fun?

The roast is browning in the oven, the eggs have been splodged with paint and you've sneakily dotted dozens of sweet treats and teeny-tiny yellow chicks around the garden for the little ones to discover.


It seems unfair that the kids should have all the fun, not to mention all the chocolate. So how about organising an Easter egg hunt that's strictly for adults?


We’re talking boozy truffles, biscuits with chunks of dark chocolate and the prettiest pastel macaroons outside of Paris.


How you hide them is up to you. You could hand out cryptic location clues, put people in teams... or simply spread the delectable goodies out on the table for your guests to nibble at, doing away with the ‘hunt’ element altogether. Here are some of the most deliciously grown-up treats to give Mr Bunny a really good run for his money this Easter.


White chocolate and matcha green-tea brownies

Hipsters’ favourite, matcha, balances out the sweetness of white choc – and gives these treats their glorious green hue.


Chocolate courgette cake

If any kids do happen to find a square of this marvellously moist cake before you do, just tell them it’s made with vegetables. They don’t need to know how delicious it is...



The pretty pastel palette of these sweet treats makes us think of sugared almonds, rows of beach huts or, appropriately, painted Easter eggs. Make a tin of these the main prize.


Brazilian brigadeiros

Brazilian brigadeiros

Via:  Sainsbury's

This traditional choc-fudge treat is quick to make and even quicker to disappear.


Gin and tonic marshmallows with candied lime peel

A refreshing G&T recreated in pillowy marshmallow squares? That’ll do.


Grown-up rocky road

Grown-up rocky road

Via: Sainsbury’s Magazine/Photo: Martin Poole

Packed with dark choc, amaretti biscuits, pistachios and morello cherries, this adult version of rocky road oozes mature sophistication.


Salted caramel popcorn eclairs

Sorry, but these are far too pretty for children to get their mitts on.

‘Snickers’ energy balls

Sticky and sweet medjool dates create the ‘caramel’ layer in this sophisticated alternative to shop-bought choccy bars.


Peanut butter, oat and choc chip cookies

Toothsome chunks of dark chocolate take this childhood fave to the next level.


Chocolate truffles

Your guests will love snuffling around for these cute truffles, and a generous kick of booze makes them strictly for grown-ups.