If you love a takeaway but wish you could recreate your favourites at home, try these winning recipes

Whatever your favourite takeaway style - from Chinese to Italian, Vietnamese to Mexican - we’ve got a recipe you don’t need to dial for. None of the recipes are complicated and you can pick up all the ingredients you need in-store

Indian recipes


Easy lamb curry

The recipe might be simple, but the spicy flavours pack a punch in this tasty dish. Plus, using leftover lamb from your Sunday roast gives you two hearty family meals for the price of one. See recipe for Easy lamb curry.

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Chicken biryani

We love this all-in-one dinner that's easy to make and that will satisfy all the family. The curry and garlic spiced chicken is the star of the show in this fragrant rice dish that takes just half an hour to cook. See recipe for Chicken biryani.

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Chinese recipes


Healthier spring rolls

These fantastic spring rolls have all the crunch, flavour and appearance of the traditional Chinese version, but the difference is that they’re baked rather than deep-fried, meaning they’re lower in fat. You could omit the ham to make them a vegetarian treat. See recipe for Healthier spring rolls.

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Hoisin beef and spring onion stir-fry

This quick-and-easy recipe is low-fat and low-calorie, has less salt and sugar than the usual takeaway versions and is ready just 25 minutes. There’s minimal preparation and the recipe uses a pouch of ready-made sauce – so it couldn’t be simpler! See recipe for Hoisin beef and spring onion stir-fry.


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Prawn egg-fried rice

It's the staple of many a good takeaway, but there's a seafood twist in our dish. Prawns pep up this recipe and are the perfect addition to rice that's also flavoured with garlic, chilli and sesame oil. See recipe for Prawn egg-fried rice.

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Asian recipes


Thai fishcakes with radish salad

Thai food is typically full of fresh and fragrant ingredients and these fishcakes include minced fish, soy sauce, chilli and fresh coriander for a mouthwateringly tasty dish. A cucumber and radish salad gives a lovely contrasting element of crunch, and is served with a fantastic sweet-and-sour dressing. See recipe for Thai fishcakes with radish salad.

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Korean seafood pancakes

Here’s a recipe you can make to impress friends and family alike. It takes a little effort, but it’s so worth it to enjoy the resulting textures and explosions of flavour. The dipping sauce is the perfect accompaniment and is quick and easy to make. See recipe for Korean seafood pancakes.

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Salmon pho recipe

Fresh ginger, chillies and spring onions are signature ingredients in a Vietnamese soup – or ‘pho’ – and this delicious, low-fat recipe uses cooked salmon and ready-cooked noodles to cut down on the preparation time. You can have this on the table in half an hour. See recipe for Salmon pho.

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European recipes


Fish and chips with mushy peas

These healthier, homemade fish and chips are a world away from the usual grease-heavy takeaway. As both the chips and the breadcrumb-coated fish are baked in the oven, it's a guilt-free meal, especially when paired with some crushed green peas as a side. See recipe for Fish and chips.

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Spring vegetable pizza

Hand-stretched, ready-made pizza bases, on sale in-store, make these homemade pizzas every bit as tasty as the traditional Italian version. Topped with spring veg, they’re ready in around half an hour. Delicioso! See recipe for Spring vegetable pizza.

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Chicken and lemon kebabs

If you’ve got a spare 20 minutes, you can rustle up your own kebab – and the pan-fried chicken and lemon flavours are a tangy twist on the takeaway version. Fresh veg and soft tortillas give lovely contrasting textures for a really satisfying homemade treat. See recipe for Chicken and lemon kebabs.


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Chunky turkey and veg nachos

Nachos are traditionally made with minced beef and loaded up with melted cheese, so they’re best saved for an occasional treat – but this healthier version, using lean turkey mince, can be enjoyed more often, and is quick and simple to prepare. See recipe for Chunky turkey and veg nachos.

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