Long bank holiday weekends mean more time to enjoy a leisurely brunch or two, so here's how to make the most of it


Easter is all about celebration and family time, so ditch the usual bowl of cereal for something a bit more special. These recipes are packed full of hearty goodness – perfect, especially if you've been snacking on chocolate eggs...


1. Pancetta and chive eggy bread

Why not upgrade your French toast – Easter is a time for little indulgences after all. Grilled pancetta makes the best, crispiest bacon and is perfect combined with chives to make a special eggy bread. Grilled sweet vine tomatoes complete the alternative to and egg-and-bacon fry-up. See recipe for Pancetta and chive eggy bread.

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2. Eggs Benedict with an avocado twist

The pairing of two big food trends right now - gorgeous avocado topped with a runny poached egg. The hollandaise is a super easy-to-make method but tastes every bit as good as more complicated versions. A seriously tasty breakfast!


3. Mexican style eggs Benedict

This variation is given a spicy South American twist with chorizo and guacamole piled onto fluffy toasted muffins, topped with tomatoes and soft-poached eggs. Chilli lovers: this is your perfect breakfast. See recipe for Mexican style eggs Benedict.

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4. Salmon Florentine eggs Benedict

For lovers of smoked salmon, this recipe is a winning version of eggs Benedict. A toasted muffin is topped with wilted spinach, salmon and soft-poached eggs and finished with an easy-to-make hollandaise sauce. A winning way to start the day. See recipe for Salmon Florentine eggs Benedict.

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5. Cheesy ham and asparagus stratas

If you’ve never tried making stratas before, do try them – they’re like a cross between a savoury muffin and a frittata. Our recipe uses ham, cheese and asparagus, but you could adapt them to use your own favourite savoury ingredients, or omit the ham for a meat-free version. See recipe for Cheesy ham and asparagus stratas

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6. Rhubarb and custard muffins

Bake a bit of nostalgia into breakfast and try these fun muffins, with tangy rhubarb in the buns and served with some fresh custard poured on top. A real sweet treat for an Easter breakfast. See recipe for Rhubarb and custard muffins.

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7. Savoury French toast

French toast – or ‘eggy bread’ – usually goes down a storm with kids because of the slightly caramelised flavour, but there’s no reason why adults shouldn’t enjoy it just as much! It’s quick to make and simplicity itself, but the crunchy, sweet-savoury result is irresistible! See recipe for Savoury French toast

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8. Cheesy bacon and egg crumpets

Crumpets are an excellent alternative to muffins or toast as the base of a breakfast tower. Cheese, tomato, bacon, onion chutney and soft-poached eggs are piled onto the toasted crumpets, and a sprinkling of parsley give it that perfect chef's flourish. This is a full English with a difference. See recipe for Cheesy bacon and egg crumpets.

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