Because, why not?

Boozy bunny shots

Via: Sainsbury's

Newsflash: the Easter bunny has had a makeover this year. And by makeover, we mean we've chopped the chocolate rabbit's ears off and filled them with strawberry milk for a adorable springtime drink for the kids (and you).


Perfect for the Easter break – as long as no one minds you taking a knife to their choccy bunny (look, they're all going to end up in our bellies one way or another), you can hop to making the cutest of all Easter-related beverages.


1. Line 'em up 

Set aside one chocolate bunny for each person and decide on your drink of choice – we used strawberry milk for ultimate candy cuteness, but chocolate milk or even smoothies would both work really well. As would *whisper it* Irish cream, for any adults in the building. Shh! 

Boozy bunnies

Via: Sainsbury's


2. Place a sharp knife in boiling water for a few minutes

Take it out of the water, dry it with a towel and use it straightaway to cut cleanly through the rabbits' ears (sorry bunnies).

Bunny cut

Via: Sainsbury's


3. Top them up with your drink

This bit can be messy, so either use a funnel to minimise spillage or just peel off a tiny bit of the bottle's seal, like we have, to make a more manageable stream.

Irish Cream

Via: Sainsbury's


4. Place the straws in and give them a little stir

Chocolate milk

Via: Sainsbury's


5. Serve, with or without bunny ears (and chicks).

Though, if they find their way into someone's mouth before finishing, that's totally acceptable too.


Via: Sainsbury's