Go on, put in a little effort

There's nothing like seizing a sunny day with some cheeky alfresco dining, but rather than the usual picnic protocol of limp crudités and paper plates, how about making it a lil' bit fancy? Here's some snazzy ways to help you put on the ritz, brought to you by Ritz Crisp and Thin, purveyors of all things party.

1. Present food on a wooden chopping board

Minimum effort, maximum posh points.

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Chopping board

2. Decant supermarket wine into artisanal bottles

For extra Pinterest-appeal, you could even make your own labels.

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Decant wine

3. Present crisps in homemade paper cones

'Gosh, you've really gone the extra mile!' They'll say.

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4. Bring a batch cocktail or two 

Batch cocktails (which are basically where you mix them up at home and batch them up into bottles) are very much having a moment. Get in on it! Here's some ideas to get you started.

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5. Take napkin folding to another level

No-one's allowed to use them and undo all your good work, mind.

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