The unusual additions of pea and dill blend deliciously with the botanicals in the gin in this delicious concoction by Mixologist Richard Woods

Image: Pea & Dill GnT



  1. 225gr Sugar snap peas
  2. 10gr Mint leaves
  3. 20gr Dill
  4. 700ml (1 Bottle) Gin 
  5. 75ml Tonic water


  1. 1x non-reactive container, with lid suitable for mixing (such as an old ice cream container)
  2. 1x funnel, large sieve or colander
  3. 1x two-fold muslin (a coffee filter or tea cloth works just as well)


  1. Pour the gin into a non-reactive sealable container
  2. Add the sugar snap peas once you have broken the shells, as well as the mint and dill
  3. Secure the lid and place in the fridge for a min of 24hrs, rolling or gently aggravating the mix every so often
  4. Remove from the fridge and strain through your home-made filter
  5. Bottle and reserve. Mix will keep for 2 weeks if kept refrigerated.

Fill your desired glass with ice. Add infused gin to the glass and top with tonic water. Garnish with a large mint sprig, slapped prior to adding to the glass to release more aroma. NB: at the point of serving you should inform your guests that this drink is based on aroma and thus not served with a straw. They should drink from the glass whilst nosing the mint.


Ritz tip:

For that extra bit of ‘Ritz’ add a lime rose to your drinks. This is a simple and effective garnish and looks great. Simply zest your limes with a potato peeler (making sure to get one long zest), then begin to roll the zest back into itself. For a great extra ‘pow’ factor freeze these roses and drop in your drinks as aromatic ice cubes. As they defrost the aroma from the zest will slowly add flavour to your drinks whilst looking amazing in the glass.


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