Transform the humble courgette into something spectacular with these tempting recipes

Image: 7 surprising courgette recipes

1. Make a tart of it

Courgette ribbons on a bed of oven-baked cheese and golden puff pastry, you say? Don't mind if we do. This courgette tart looks really impressive and is so easy to make.

2. The BBQ treatment

Does the BBQ love courgette? Yes it does. Pair with chunks of British lamb and halloumi with these tasty kebabs and your work is done. If the weather has turned against you, these kebabs will grill brilliantly too. 

3. Coat it

Crunchy fritters are the ultimate makeover for this garden vegetable. Simply coat courgette pieces in flour, eggs then breadcrumbs and oven bake. Dunk in ketchup for a tasty finish.

4. Grill it

Reinvent courgettes by slicing them lengthways and grilling them. Layer on top of grilled mushroom, aubergine and pepper in this flavour-packed veggie burger - perfect for vegetarian guests.

5. Contrast it

The freshness of courgette contrasts brilliantly with creamier flavours. Try combining with crème fraîche in this salmon and courgette pasta finished off with a zesty squeeze of lemon.

6. Grate it

Muffin mix is a good base to grate courgette into as you’ll get extra texture and flavour. These savoury carrot and courgette muffins make a great alternative to bread.

7. Encase it

Most things taste better with cheese, and courgette is no exception. These Mexican-style quesadillas combine grated courgette, cannellini beans and gooey, melted cheese. Yum.