Sweet potato, edamame and pomegranate - guac just got supercharged

Guacamole. Delicious with so many things. Loved by so many of us. And last week the humble guac was the subject of a social media meltdown (kind of) when the New York Times blithely recommended adding peas to guacamole. Peas we say! 


Trust us, they tweeted. The internet did not, and it responded with outrage, pointing out that just because peas and avocado are the same colour, that doesn’t mean they go well together. Even President Obama himself weighed in on this diabolical flavour combination tweeting, “Respect the NYT, but not buying peas in guac.” 


Us neither. We’re not saying you can’t shake up your guacamole – just that you should probably leave peas out of it. Save them for bulking up a risotto or serving with fish and chips, and whizz up your avocado with quinoa, yoghurt and lovely, lovely cheese.


If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 9 of our favourite ingredients to take your guacamole to the next level, so you can make the perfect summery dip even more delicious…




Can quinoa be added to everything? Yes, yes it can. The good people at Foxes Love Lemons mix it with guacamole and added chopped onions, tomatoes, and mango. If you’re still on good terms with gluten you could use barley or couscous instead. 

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Another ingredient that makes everything better. Cook until it’s crispy then add it to your favourite recipe - like this one from POPSUGAR which also includes smoky chipotle chillies, because you deserve to be happy.

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Via: Popsugar




This (genius) Lauren’s Latest recipe takes all the stuff you’d expect to find in guacamole (avocado, onions, tomatoes), but chargrills them first for more of a barbecued flavour.

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Roasted garlic


Because garlic makes everything taste like holidays in hot countries, you should try this roasted version by the brilliantly named Butter With A Side of Bread. And maybe take a toothbrush.

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Sweet potato


This Healthy Aperture recipe turns guacamole into more of a side dish than a dip. Whizz up sweet potato with avocado, spices, and lime juice and serve hot or cold. Goes a treat with BBQ chicken.

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Greek yoghurt


For a lighter dip that still tastes creamy, follow the example of Just a Taste by replacing some of the avocado with Greek yoghurt.  

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Middle Eastern folk have been championing the pomegranate for literally hundreds of years. But in guacamole? Why the heck not. A burst of the sweet fruit makes this recipe by Just a Taste work a treat in a salad or as a dip.

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Peas may be off the table, but beans should definitely be on it. This Two Peas and their Pod guacamole includes edamame, plus garlic and jalapeño for a little extra spice (so maybe save it until after date night). 

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This recipe from The Londoner calls for fresh feta and works a darn treat smoothed into steak tacos, but you could also crumble in some goats' cheese. Treat yourself. 

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Via: The Londoner