Love the crunch of a crisp apple or biting into a gloriously tasty pear? We'll be bringing you 24 different apple varieties and 5 types of pear over the British season.

Image: All about British apples and pears

24 apple varieties

Over the season (October-May), we'll bring you scrumptious favourites such as Cox and Royal Gala. Pick up our Red Dessert bag for apples such as Worcester and Early Red Windsor or our Best of British bag for more modern varieties such as Rubens and Cameo.

Don't forget to try our juicy Zari apples, too. This exclusive variety 'has a lovely crisp bite', according to a panel of 12 mumsnet mums who we asked to review the produce.


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Apples and pears
Our organic apple bag contains a changing selection of delicious home-grown organic varieties. Look out for Worcester, with its strawberry-like flavour, crisp Red Pippin and sweet Jonagold.
Victoria Celaschi - Sainsbury's Produce Team

5 pear varieties

We've got 5 juicy British pear varieties to try, including buttery Comice and Taylor's Gold, with its hint of cinnamon. From mid-October, look out for sweet Goldember®, with its flat, rounded shape. Pick up our Organic bag for a selection of delicious organic pears.


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Bramley and Cox apples

An apple a day...

Each of our 24 varieties of apples has a great British heritage and provides a delicious burst of flavour.